Use all of our Features

If you want to use the full Rawr-Service (and you don’t have WordPress), you’ll need your IT once before starting. Embed the Rawr Config and the Embed Code into your template and you are ready to use all of our Features!
Our genius techies are always available if you need help! 

Embed single questions with Ease!

Embedding a Rawr on your website is as easy as embedding a YouTube Video. In the RAWR-Backend you get a Embed-Code, once you created a new Rawr or selected an existing one.
The Embed-Code will look like this one:

<div id="rawr-embed-xxx"></div> <script src=""></script>

Place this code-snippet wherever you want the RAWR to appear on your website and update your Content-Management-System. Now the Rawr is online and users can start voting and publishing arguments.

API - For Developers (Beta)


Make it yours. Rawr offers a great API (Beta). It is easy for you to create new services or integrate Rawr into your site or app. Get in touch with us and tell us the Use-Cases you have in mind. We are curious to see your ideas become reality.