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Achieve outstanding engagement through Rawr’s Conversation Widgets.

Lead Engine

Increase time on site, leads and signups by embracing the conversation.

Deep Insights

Get to know what your readers think and explore deep insights in their opinion.

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Generate quality content and empower your journalists!


of users trust earned media more than paid media (Nielsen)


of time-on-site increase, when social content is integrated (Forrester)


increase of engagement, when professional and user generated content are combined (comStore)

User Engagement

Rawr’s Conversation Widgets sit right within the story. They grab readers at the point of highest emotional activation. This is great, but it‘s only the start of the journey. Once activated, Rawr provides a great home for opinions and turns readers into advocates who drive new traffic to your site.


There are multiple Rawr widgets you can use for your site.

All of them are centered on opinion but use different onboarding channels like voting, arguments, influencers or comments.

With Rawr your stories automatically grow in content and attractivity after they are published.

The best thing for you: Rawr automatically finds and embeds the perfect poll for your story. 

Let journalists do what they do best. We do the rest.

Lead Engine

How about a tool that constantly increases the number of your new sign ups? Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Over the time you build up a solid inventory of Rawrs.

Our Tag Manager takes care, that those Rawrs will be properly displayed in all fitting articles. 

Ultimately, this brings up your base growth rate. 

(Our mad scientists insisted to state, that Theta0 will increase over time – but this is a different story.)


Deep Insights

„In the age of social media, the role of journalism is changing from curating information for readers to curating conversation between readers.“ – David Carr

At the core of Rawr is the Opinion Graph.

We collect valuable insights about the real motives and drivers of your readers over time. Not like classic web analytics tell but in terms of their opinion about a certain topic from a holistic point of view.

See which of your stories had impact on the opinion of your readers.

Rawr offers powerful moderation tools which put you into the driving seat. Publishers are able to accept or reject arguments with ease.

All statistics of every Rawr, location and user at your hand.


Engage your readers with Rawr


Interaction Rate

26% of your unique visitors vote.

Minutes Time on Site

The user spends on average 2 minutes longer on an article with a Rawr Widget.


Signup Rate

4% of the voters register on your site.

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With Rawr we see a high level of user engagement and significantly improved signup rates. From a journalistic point of view we value the possibility to help our readers express their own opinion and explore opposing opinions of other users.

Martin Kotynek

Deputy Editor in Chief, Zeit Online

With Rawr we finally do have the possibility to better understand the motives of our readers. We experience first hand what they really think.

Sebastian Krause

Digital Content Manager, News.at