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Rawr easily Integrates with Your CMS

From the most sophisticated CMS down to the Wordpress Blog, we made integration a snap for you.

We offer various kinds of Single Sign-On (SSO).

Our SSO feature offers you a completely new acquisition channel. Users sign up on your website and on Rawr simultaneously, when they publish an opinion in the embeded widgets. Rawr gives you the opportunity to get to know more about the opinions of your readers while at the same time Rawr increases your signups.

We’ve developed a technology called Tag Manager.

Our Tag Manager makes sure, that the Rawr you created finds its way into the articles with the tags you defined. Like magic. We have seen Rawrs that are active in well above 100 articles at the same time!

Use the Tag Manager

You are an editor with a team of journalists and want to keep the control? The Tag Manager is the perfect way to use Rawr for you!
After implementing the Rawr-snippet once in your template, you are all set up to use the Tag Manager.
Based on the tags of your article, your Rawr will appear in every fitting topic.

Take advantage of the

Inline Publishing Feature

You are a single Journalist, Blogger, Podcaster or a team working together? With the Inline Publishing Feature everyone can simply add a Rawr inside his/her article! Without leaving the CMS! 

Use our WordPress Plugin

You have a WordPress website? Install our WordPress Plugin and take advantage of the full Rawr service right after creating your account! 

Useful Hints

Choose a "Rawr-Owner"

You are a big team? Choose one person who is responsible for Rawr. This person is in direct contact with our content team and get’s help whenever needed!

Rawr in your daily business

For not having to think about a question for every article you write, focus on the topics which are important today: Which question do you want to ask your readers?



Feel free to contact our content team at any time. We are happy to support you finding the best wording for your questions or helping out with technical questions.