Start Collecting the Opinion of Your Audience

You can easily embed our widgets in multiple locations. Best of all, it is done automatically. We have seen widgets with well over 100 locations. This not only helps your users to express their opinion but it builds up the conversation over time.

Reward Your Audience with Structured Conversation

  • We help your users to escape their filter bubble.
  • Positive and negative opinion about topics, presented in a structured way.
  • Your user can study the arguments of others
  • Social media sharing is available
  • It is possible to explore all the arguments from all locations where the rawr was displayed
  • Of course we take care to verify the users.
  • And yes, we do SSO.

Best of all? Users love it!


say that Rawr is better than the comment section for expressing opinions.


say that Rawr helped them to express their opinion.


say that it is interesting to see the positive and negative opinions of others in a structured way.

Source: User survey among registered users, users strongly agreed or agreed, July / August 2016

And You Get Powerful Overall Insights

and a more differentiated view on article level

See how articles trigger different opinion with the same question. Get insights about context driven behaviour.

Rawr Conversation Widgets

You got information - we got conversation! Kick off conversation and start collecting structured opinion now.

Rawr widgets sit right within the story. They grab readers at the point of highest emotional activation. This is great, but it‘s only the start of the journey. Once activated, Rawr provides a great home for opinions and turns readers into advocates who drive new traffic to your site. With Rawr your stories automatically grow in content and attractiveness after they are published.